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Moriarty, NM




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Always a nice variety in every box. Super fresh. Plus, the CSA dinner was great. Everyone we met at the farm is awesome! Will definitely be a CSA member again next year.

Wollam, 2019 Member


I loved it all, especially the fun of opening it and seeing what I got. It was kinda like my birthday every week.

Seay, 2019 Member

We loved the variety and quality of the products we received. The recipes you provided on your website to try with the products we received each week were an added bonus! The whole process was fast and friendly. I highly recommend this program! 

Doyle, 2018 CSA Member

I enjoyed all of the variety and diversity in the box. I really loved tracking the season through my CSA box. It's so pleasant to see a broccoli or cabbage and think, "Oh, the seasons are changing"! I wasn't in the position to grow a garden this year, but I still had an opportunity to connect to the land and the natural rhythms through my CSA box!

Schauffert, 2018 CSA Member

We loved the fresh vegetables and the excitement of surprise each week.

Miller, 2018 CSA Member

The variety and the freshness of the produce...and the surprise at what we received each week as we never looked on your site to see what might be in the boxes for that week. And the recipes were great too!!!

Rowan, 2018 CSA Member

Everything was so fresh and delicious, and I got the opportunity to try a few things that I might not have purchased on my own.

Havens, 2018 CSA Member

The produce was amazingly fresh and delicious! So much better than anything I could purchase at the grocery store.

Gray, 2018 CSA Member

Enjoyed the variety and the suggestions for preparation. Particularly enjoyed the fresh sweet carrots- didn’t know that was possible and I grew up in a gardening family in Oklahoma.

Medford, 2018 CSA Member

Variety of produce, pick up location, enjoyed p0pcorn, beans, flour products. Quantity was good for a family of 4. We enjoyed the melons.

Robbins, 2018 CSA Member