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Sweet Corn

Storage Tips


Refrigerate soon after purchase.  Store sweet corn in a resealable plastic bag in your crisper.  Will keep fresh for up to 7 days from purchase.



Whole Ear  Remove silks, flags (leaves that hang off of corn ear) and some husk, leaving husk around the corn.  Freeze corn on a cookie sheet, then transfer to a freezer bag.  When you plan to cook (stove top or boil), do so from frozen. 

Kernels  Blanch cobs 3 min., place cobs in an ice bath and then cut off the cob and put into freezer bags.

Culinary Tips

Stove top 

Remove corn husks, silks and wash.  Bring water to roaring boil.  Immerse sweet corn and turn burner off.  Leave corn and rotate to cook for 2 to 4 minutes.

Leave corn in the husk.  Remove flags (leaves that hang off of corn ear).  Immerse corn in water for a few minutes only if you have stored in your refrigerator for a few days.  If you just purchased your corn from the market(s), it should have plenty of moisture to place on the grill without soaking.  Place on grill and rotate to cook 15 to 20 minutes depending on heat of grill, until husk is blackened. 

Schwebach Corn Sauté
6 - 8 medium Yukon gold or red potatoes, cubed
2 cups white sweet corn (cut from cob)
2 green zucchini, diced
2 gold zucchini (yellow straight or crook neck can be substituted), diced
1/2 package of turkey bacon
Green chili to taste (optional)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Slice bacon into one inch pieces and cook in large skillet until crisp.  Drain excess grease, remove and set bacon aside and add cubed potatoes.  When potatoes are almost soft, add squash, corn and green chili.  Sauté until squash is soft.  Return bacon to skillet.  Salt and pepper to taste.