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How can I tell if CSA is a good choice for me and my family?

Do you enjoy cooking at home, or want to learn? Do you like the flavors and challenges of seasonal eating and the idea of committing to your local farmers? Then CSA is right for you!

Do I get to choose the vegetables that are included in a CSA share?

In our standard box, the farmer chooses the vegetables, making it a culinary adventure!

What types of shares are available?

We offer a Full Share delivered weekly and a "Half" Share, which is a Full Share delivered every other week.

What's in an average Share?

The CSA share contains a wide variety of fresh, seasonal food. Each week the CSA share contains a different assortment of seasonal vegetables. Our goal is to provide you with top quality produce in quantities that you can use.  CSA equals seasonal eating, and that means eating everything in its prime season and peak flavor! The beginning and end of the season tends to be heavier on greens and dry goods, while at the height of harvest, the produce selection is abundant.  On our Members page, we have listed what went into our boxes in prior year(s).

Will I know what will be in my box in advance?

We strive to inform you what produce will be in your box at the beginning of each week, along with a recipe idea to help you with your culinary adventures.  However, as farming is dependent on many factors, our estimates may be altered on any given week, providing a surprise element to your CSA boxes.

What if I can’t pick up my share during the allotted time?  Or, what if I'm on vacation?

It is important to find a way to get your share during the allotted time frame. If you cannot get to the pickup location on time or are out of town, we suggest sending a friend or family member in your place. It’s a great way to introduce the CSA program to others. We cannot guarantee that CSA shares will be available outside of the stated pickup time.  

Is there a risk for Members?

While we have been growing for a number of years and are acquainted with what we are able to grow and manage for the CSA, we cannot control weather and other factors.  Weather can have a detrimental impact on our crops.  As members, you share the blessing and risk of growing food. We are committed to doing our best to provide you with healthy, abundant, weekly produce boxes.

How do I become a CSA Member?

You will fill out and submit our CSA Sign-Up Form, download and sign the CSA Member Agreement.  Mail payment and CSA Agreement to Schwebach Farm.